Trading Ideas for 15 November 2017 Register for the Amazing Trader Amazing Trader EVENT RISK Calendar: 23:50 JP- GDP Wed 15 Nov 09:30 GB- Employment 13:30 US- CPI, Retail Sales 15:30 US EIA Crude Thu 16 Nov 01:30 AU- Employment 09:30 GB- Retail Sales 10:00 EZ- final HICP 14:15 US- Industrial Production Fri 17 Nov 13:30 CA- Retail Sales, CPI 13:30 US- Housing Starts and Permits Potential Trading OpportunitiesPOTENTIAL PRICE RISK: HIGH to Medium Wed — 09:30 GMT GB- Employment data.POTENTIAL PRICE RISK: HIGH Wed — 13:30 GMT US- CPI. Fed targets inflation.POTENTIAL PRICE RISK: HIGH Wed — 13:30 GMT US- Retail Sales. U.S. is a consumer-led economy.