The demand for cryptocurrency trading is spiking globally, prompting brokerages to expand their offerings. As such, ADS Securities has become the first brokerage to introduce Bitcoin contracts-for-difference (CFD) trading in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region via its MT4 platform.

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For its part, Abu Dhabi-based ADS Securities is strategically positioned to launch its new Bitcoin CFD offering for MENA clients. Regarding the timing of the offering, Jason Hughes, Global Head of Retail Sales commented: “We will be the first brokerage in the MENA region to offer bitcoin trading. We have followed the growth of this very exciting and dynamic new trading asset, but before offering a service we wanted to really understand the market and make sure we have the right systems and protection in place for our clients.”

abu dhabiAbu Dhabi Skyline, Bloomberg

Open for Business

Up until now, the MENA region has largely remained one of the least developed in terms of cryptocurrency exposure. However, as brokers’ embrace of cryptocurrency trading warms, this has led to the launch of new offerings worldwide. This trend has been fueled by the meteoric rise in both Bitcoin and Ethereum, both of which have hit fresh all-time highs in recent weeks.

Additionally, many investors’ opinion of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have also improved, as a groundswell of reputable exchanges has adopted them on their platforms. The offering of Bitcoin CFDs is important for ADS Securities as it moves to shore up a new market in the MENA region as client demand continues to grow.

Jason Hughes

“As with all trading it is very important to have the financial strength and the IT processes to protect positions. ADS Securities is the right partner for clients looking to trade cryptocurrencies. They understand that our capital reserves, regulation through the UAE Central Bank and the quality of the team provides a different level of support to them,” Mr. Hughes reiterated.

Moreover, “We advise clients to look in detail at cryptocurrencies before trading them. The fact that they are less driven by market fundamentals provides a new investment choice and helps diversify portfolios. However, with the level of short-term volatility cryptocurrencies offer, it is important they can trade with a strong well-capitalised firm like ADS,” he explained.