Last month LeapRate reported that a new blockchain game called Decimated has been launched. The game is using blockchain to control the flow of virtual items and tokens in it, as well as manage digital scarcity like no other game has done before.

The company behind the game has just announced that its digital currency called DIO will be listed on Panxora exchange on March 6th 2019.

Decimated game is set hundreds of years in Earths future, which has suffered decades of industrialization, catastrophic climate change, exhausted resources, famine and poverty. Government control by humans has collapsed and AI corporations have taken over, started a new economic system, using a digital currency called DIO, that promises to be the savior of society.

DIO is currently valued at EUR0.05 euros but can fluctuate in price based on supply and demand on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Tokens will be sold through the exchange and locked until the company reaches our soft cap of EUR5M, which is expected to happen during Summer 2019.

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