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alerpay was aquired by Panza so this article is as much about panza as it is about alertpay for more info about this !!

Advantages: very solid working system without any problems and cheaper rates than PayPal
Disadvantages: require a lot of ID details to set up an account, and they still have higher rates than most credit cards
Alertpay was founded in 2004 and has currently a fulltime staff of +50 people.

AlertPay is operating out of Montreal, Quebec in in the middle of 2008 had already approximately 2.1 million real accounts registered in their system. They support around 22 currencies and support transactions worldwide (around 200 countries).

In the beginning Alertpay has some issues; the start was anything but smooth due to the fact that there were a group of scammers that pretended to be working for the company giving them the reputation of being a scam.

Since this was not the case and because they are a little bit cheaper than their biggest competitor (PayPal) the survived the less than ideal start and established themselves with a loyal following.

Alertpay is privately owned and offers the users that exist out of private members and companies, a fully serviceable online payment system that manages online payments in both directions. they are pretty fast in making the payments and secure for receiving them.

The users of AlertPay users have the capabilities to transfer funds without disclosing to the public any personal or financial about the transaction, themselves or the recipient.
AlertPay is registered as an official corporation in both Canada and the United States and Canada.

They fully comply with all of the different regulations, restrictions and procedures of the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions of Canada, Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, Financial Transactions and Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

they have a nice personal touch with their clients giving you the feeling (at least to me) that they care and that they keep your personal information as save as possible in today’s world.

In short Alertpay is a good alternative as a payment method that is similar to PayPal on the sites and services that do not receive PayPal.
They do not hold your money any longer then they have to and offer different account to meet your needs.

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